September 16, 2014

How to Live an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

This is a universal truth that earth is the only planet of universe where life exists. Earth contains of those entire essential constituents that supports life as for example: oxygen, water, soil etc. As these constituent are present on earth but however their amount is limited and it’s your responsibility to maintain the right proportion of these constituents.

You can apply some Eco friendly lifestyle in your life to support your earth. There are so many celebrities, politicians, designers and others have also become ambassador of green life and promoting easy and stylish ways to live their lifestyle by protecting environment. Living green is the latest trend and so retailers and manufacturers also offering environmental friendly products to support green life.

What are the benefits of becoming Eco friendly ?

Adopting an Eco friendly life style helps consumers in reducing carbon footprints. Listen, if you think about benefits of living Eco friendly other than reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming then you can know about some other benefits and how living Eco friendly also enhance your economic condition. Some of the benefits of living Eco friendly are:

Health Benefits :

When you switch on organic food and green household cleaning product then you automatically reduce the use of so many chemicals and hence your body is less expose to chemicals which helps in smooth breathing and touch. Not only this but living a chemical free helps in reducing your medical bills and lead to better health.

Water Conservation :

Water on earth is limited in quantity and so it is your responsibility to protect your limited water resource. When you reduce the water usage in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and lawn irrigation system then you can easily conserve your water resource. Industrialist should also reduce the dumping of their industrial waste material into water resources like river and ocean.

Ways to live an Eco friendly life -style :

>> You should always try to go by foot or by bicycle whenever it is possible and reduce the use of transportation by bus or by bike. BY doing like this will helps in causing less air pollution. Walking in the morning can act as an exercise and hence maintains your health and reduce the bill of medicine.

>> You can shop locally as this can help in reducing the use of fuel involved in shipping.

>> Do not throw out plastic and paper from your home. You can recycle it for the further use. You can seek help of your local waste management company to properly dispose of these materials.

>> You can also use green product for decorating your home. You can use chemical free paints like VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint, a safe alternative that still allows you to satisfy your decorating whims.

So these are some of the ways about living Eco friendly and benefits of living Eco friendly. If you know about any other then please shares it among us via your pleasure comments.

September 16, 2014

How to be a Nutrition Coach

If you are one amongst those who wants to become a nutrition coach then you must have proper knowledge about nutrition, proper diet manner and healthy diets. {Nutrition: Manner of taking food}. Now a days the number of diseases increase rapidly and as obesity rates continue to climb the demand of nutrition coach increases a lot. Not only this, but some of the companies and corporations are also looking for reduce their insurance liability by allotting nutrition coaches for their employees. The health and wellness sector continues to have positive growth and so becoming nutrition coach may brighten your career. So, just go ahead in this field and take full advantages of this expanding field!

Moving on, in this article I am going to share some of the instructions and tips that will explain the criteria and strategies to become a nutrition coach. Let’s have a look:

>> Actually nutritional coach generally involves with guiding people about how to create a healthy diet by adopting more natural and balanced food and avoiding proceeds food, and cooking food themselves. There are so many people who have completed nutritional coaching programs and have certificate to hang their shingle as a nutritional coach.

>> Those people who have ability to create meal plans for different populations can expand their services into calling themselves nutritional coaches. These people can be anyone belonging s=from the same niche such as nurses, food chefs, personnel life coaches etc. Generally, most of the states do not need any licensing for nutrition coaching.

>> It is another fact that there is no need of licensing to be a nutrition coach but however of you do things wisely and seek out a certification program to add to your credibility then it will bolster your nutritional knowledge. There are so many certifications are available online and you can take it just from sitting in your house. You can Google search for these programs and compare the tuition, length of programs i.e. Learning hour per day and location of the institutions and then after decide which one is best for your routine. You can perform some research into the reputations of these institutes and if possible you can also seek advice from different people who have already taken the degree in the field of nutrition coaching.

>> Once you have taken the nutritional degree and taken the certificate, consider in what direction you’d like to take your nutrition coach-career. If you have wished to be a self- employed nutritional coach then you can build a clientele and customize nutrition programs for each and every single client. You can also expand your business online through a blog by creating menu plans for a group of populations. Not only this, you can look for work in corporate sectors.

So, at last I want to say that nutrition coaching is very flexible with so many career directions.

September 16, 2014

How to Become a Lifestyle Coach

The profession of lifestyle coach is considered as a very reputed profession all over world. The lifestyle coaches help individuals in identifying his/her rich personal activities. A lifestyle coach possesses a coaching credential and so you can’t regard him/her as only a consultant or a therapist. As a coach you can guide people from all types of profession and works. As for example; as a coach you can guide everyone from homemakers to a business man, to entrepreneurs, as they also strive to tackle issues such as financial problems, personnel organization, fear relationship problems, professional growth and life transitions.

While it’s a true fact that there is no need of a certificate to become a lifestyle consultant but having a certificate and obtaining your credential will add to your professional credibility and prove that you have taken the proper training of lifestyle coach.

In this post I’m going to share some of the instructions that help you in becoming a lifestyle coach. Let’s have a look to these instructions:

>> Training without a professional lifestyle coach will not let you becoming a perfect lifestyle coach and also you’ll not enjoy your work. You need to allot a lifestyle coach for yourself as hiring coach can help you learn if lifestyle coaching is the right vocational choice for you or not. Not only this, a coach will also support your need throughout the training certification period. Some of the lifestyle programs also involve you to working with a mentor.

>> So, you have seen in the above paragraph that lifestyle training is very important in becoming a lifestyle coach and there are several lifestyle coaching programs available online and in class-room like setting. But according to my best of knowledge, the best coaching programs are those accredited by International Coaching Federation Coach Training Program. The number of working hours of training period depends upon the type of lifestyle specialization you choose.

>> You can also gain hands on experience as a lifestyle coach trainee with different individuals. Depending upon the category of the coach training you have perusing, you need 100 to 2500 hours of training experience with at least 8 to 35 clients.

>> Keep one thin mind that you should must receive a letter from two different lifestyle coaches who will trained you.

>> It is also very important for you to pass the lifestyle coach examination. The exam may be written or oral.

>> The different institute and coaching center have different fess so choose according to your afford.

So, these are some of the tips and instructions that you can follow in order to become a lifestyle coach. If you like this post helpful then share it among various social friends.